Idee Programmer android apps (Both official and Un-official)

1- Hindi comic library Click here to download- Nagraj and Team

2- Java in 25 hours – Click here to download

3- Unhide it pro – Click here to download

4- Rashifal (hindi) : आज का राशिफल 2021 – Click here to download

5- Chacha chaudhary and Billoo : comic app – Click here to download

6- Parity, Sapre, Bcone , Emerd for All Apps (Doris, InOrbit, Diamond, RXCE etc) – Click here to download

7- Government Schemes 2021 : In hindi – Click here to download

8- Desire : Aap Kya banna chahte hain ? आप क्या बनना चाहते हैं ? – Click here to download

9- Homemade Beauty tips : घरेलु ब्यूटी टिप्स – Click here to download


  1. Thanx a lot for creating this app. U guyz r doing a fabulous job. God bless u to all the developers and team. Guyz, everything is fine, just want to know if u guyz r planning to add more characters n comics. Currently there r only four characters available. Shakti, Parmanu n rest of the legendary characters r missing. Please add those two as well.


  2. नया अपडेट में भेड़िया कॉमिक्स गायब हो गया है।


    • Hi Shabbir, Bhediya has returned with Kobi, and he is more wild now. Please download updated app from above link. Thanks for contacting about this issue, you are our hero.


  3. Thanx Buddy for giving me my childhood once again, i am done with all updated comics and waiting for new uploads


    • Hi User, Thanks for taking your time to appreciate the efforts of our team, they are so happy by reading your positive review. Yes, wait is nearly over and more uploads are coming with new characters, cheers and thanks again!


  4. Halo, you guys have reminded me of my golden childhood days and done me a lot of help in passing my time in the lockdown period but now am addicted for your app. You haven’t uploaded any more comics of super commando dhruva and nagraj in last 3 months, please upload ASAP. And one more thing, ‘Dhruvishya’ comic is not downloading. Please look after the matter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Prabhjot, we really appreciate you for taking time to write such amazing review and positive, kind words.
      Yes, it’s been a while since we added new comics but we have re-started adding new characters and comics and updated version will be uploaded with notification.

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