Parity, Sapre, Bcone , Emerd for All Apps (Doris, InOrbit, Diamond, RXCE etc)

How to play – Check, which color, telegram group suggested (for example – 240 RED), and put amount from Our app on that color (for example – 160 on RED and 20 on Violet).

##70% more chances of winning##

Detailed explanation –
Example APP – Doris (You can use any app)

Here, Period 20201227405 – You will win only when Red color comes
And will loss when (1) Green- Violet comes (2) Green Comes
If Red-violet comes you will get only – 1.5 times (According to rule)

This calculation is faulty, and here comes our app-

Our APP-

See, 2nd 30 Case – You will be in profit if – (1) Red wins (2) Red-Violet wins and (3) Green-Violet wins

Got it 🙂

Also see, Instead of 240 you can put 160 (on color) and 20 on violet, total just 180 to be in profit.


Instead of 6480 you can put only 1980 on color and 220 on violet, total just 2200 to be in profit.
and so on, With minimum amount you can play till last game.

You can ask queries on –

Download App from Play Store Link (free) – Click here

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