Step 8 – Web module

The Spring Framework’s Web module provides support for building web applications in a Spring environment. It includes several features that are essential for web application development, such as:

  1. HTTP request handling: The Web module provides classes for handling HTTP requests and responses, including support for request and session scopes, request parameters, headers, and cookies.
  2. Web sockets: The Web module provides support for WebSocket communication between the server and the client, allowing for real-time messaging and notifications.
  3. Web security: The Web module includes classes for securing web applications, including support for authentication and authorization.
  4. Web services: The Web module provides support for building and consuming web services, including support for SOAP, REST, and XML.

Here’s an example of how you might use the Spring Web module to handle HTTP requests:

public class MyController {

  public String hello() {
    return "Hello, world!";

n this example, we have a MyController class that uses Spring’s @Controller annotation to indicate that it handles HTTP requests. We also have a hello() method that handles GET requests to the /hello endpoint and returns a plain text response.

By using the Spring Web module, we can take advantage of Spring’s request handling features, such as the @GetMapping annotation for handling GET requests and the @ResponseBody annotation for returning plain text or other types of data as the response.

Overall, the Spring Web module provides a rich set of features for building web applications in a Spring environment, allowing developers to focus on building their application’s business logic without worrying about low-level web development details.


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