Step 2- Spring Modules

Spring have 7 modules
1-Core container module- it includes fundamental features of spring framework, such as IOC and Di,

and BeanFactory, entire modules is built on this module.

2- Application context module – it extends the concept of BeanFactory, it provides a way to access any object, other than this it also provide support for other framework.

3- AOP module (Aspect Oriented Programming)- It provides facility to define method interceptors.

 It also includes AOP allience means we can plug other aop framework with spring.

4- JDBC abstraction and DAO modules- It includes clean styled code to perform jdbc operation, other than this it also handles jdbc and sql exceptions as unchecked exceptions.

5- O/R mapping integration modules – It provides integration of orm tools such as hibernate/ibatis into spring modules.
6- Web modules – It is built on application context module, it provides context specifically for web-based application. It also support file handling.
7- MVC framework modules- It is used to provide MVC framework integration into spring. But spring mvc is better option because it uses IOC to sepearate controller logic from business objects.