Angular – Step 1- Installation


Step 1- ,

Step 2- download and install Node.js with default settings

Step 3- To check Installation , open command line / console and run the following command:> npm -v

Step 4- If this shows node.js version number, we are ready to install the Angular CLI (Command Line Interface), Angular CLI is a command line tool that creates and manages Angular 8 projects.

Step 5- To install the Angular CLI, Write the following command:> npm install -g @angular/cli

Step 6- Great, now let’s create a new Angular x(version) project:> ng new myapp

Step 7- This will show couple questions. Answer them as following :

Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes                                                                           ? Which stylesheet format would you like to use? SCSS] 

Extra note- Angular routing allows you to create routes between the components in your app. We’ll be using Sass (SCSS) as well, it’s an alternative of css, so we’re adding that too.

Step 8-Let’s get into the folder where our new project is stored:> cd myapp

Awesome, we’re ready to rock now!

Running the Project

Step 9- When you’re developing your Angular 8 app, you can run following command in the terminal:> ng serve -o

The -o flag is optional, but it opens up your default browser to the development location http://localhost:4200

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