💻Step 10:Type Casting, Boxing/InBoxing and OutBoxing -6th hour +code


-Assigning a value of one type to a variable of another type is known as Type Casting.

💡Datatype hierarchy-

(Biggest datatype) double > float > long > int > char > short > byte (smallest datatype)

💡(i)Widening/Automatic type conversion/Up casting

-When value of small datatype is saved into big datatype.
int i=10;
double d=i;

💡(ii)Narrowing/manual type conversion/down casting

-When value of big datatype is saved into small datatype.
i.e- double d=455.3d;
int i=(int)d;

Code samples are here

1-Program to perform upcasting and downcasting

package typecasting6;
public class Typscting {

public static void main(String[] args) {
int a1=20; //from int
double b=a1; //to double
System.out.println("Upcasting from int to double = "+b);

double x=10.0d; //from double
int c=(int)x; //to int
System.out.println("Downcasting from double to int = "+c);

Run this Program ▶️

💡Boxing/InBoxing and OutBoxing-

💡(i) Boxing/InBoxing

– Conversion of primitive into non primitive
i.e – int i=10;
Integer i1=i; // Integer is a class so i1 is a object(non primitive)

💡(ii) OutBoxing

– Conversion of non primitive into primitive
i.e Integer i=10;
int i1=i;


code samples are here

2-Program to perform boxing and outboxing

package boxingNunboxing7;
public class BoxngUnboxing {

public static void main(String[] args) {

int x=10; //from primitive(x)
Integer c=x; //to non primitive(b)

//out boxing
Integer a1=20; //from non primitive(a1)
int b=a1; //to primitive(b)

Run this Program ▶️

Questions set —

  • What is difference between automatic type conversion and manual type conversion?
  • What is difference between inboxing and outboxing?


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