💻 Step 2 : Java definition : 1st hour



Java is
high level,
Object oriented,
Platform independent programming language.

It Promises WORA (write once, run anywhere)

💡1-High level-

  • Easily understandable by humans 💡

💡2-Object oriented-

  • Structured programming focus is on ‘what task to do’, While In object oriented we focus on ‘by whom task will be done’. 💡
  • Object oriented programming allows us apply real world concepts like inheritance, which structured doesn’t. 💡

💡3-Platform independent-

  • Java uses it’s virtual machine(JVM) to run codes, this virtual machine is installed in every OS (Windows/linux/Mac), means it depends upon it’s own virtual machine rather than other OS, that’s why it’s called platform independent. 💡
  • Other programming language generates OS specific codes (.exe for windows) which can’t be run on other OS, that’s why they are called platform dependent languages. 💡

Interview Questions —

  • What is major difference between high level and low level languages?
  • What is 2 major difference between structured programming and object oriented programming?
  • Is JVM platform independent ?

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