💻 Step 2 : Java definition : 1st hour

Learn with Youtube video – 


Java is
high level,
Object oriented,
Platform independent programming language.

It Promises WORA (write once, run anywhere)

Comparing Java to other programming languages in terms of its level, orientation, and platform independence:

FeatureJavaOther Language
Platform IndependencePlatform-IndependentPlatform-Dependent

💡1-High level-

  • Easily understandable by humans 💡

💡2-Object oriented-

  • Structured programming focus is on ‘what task to do’, While In object oriented we focus on ‘by whom task will be done’. 💡
  • Object oriented programming allows us apply real world concepts like inheritance, which structured doesn’t. 💡

💡3-Platform independent-

  • Java uses it’s virtual machine(JVM) to run codes, this virtual machine is installed in every OS (Windows/linux/Mac), means it depends upon it’s own virtual machine rather than other OS, that’s why it’s called platform independent. 💡
  • Other programming language generates OS specific codes (.exe for windows) which can’t be run on other OS, that’s why they are called platform dependent languages. 💡

Interview Questions —

  • What is major difference between high level and low level languages?
  • What is 2 major difference between structured programming and object oriented programming?
  • Is JVM platform independent ?

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