Angular – Step 0

AngularJS to Angular-

– After ‘AngularJS’ (version 1.xx), it was renamed to ‘Angular’ (version 2.xx to current version). Because in Angular we use typescript(ts) instead of javascript (js).  so these statements are true.

1- AngularJS 2.XX does not exist, AngularJS 1.xx does.

2- Angular 1.XX does not exist, Angular 2.XX does.

3TypeScript extends JavaScript with extra functionality or TypeScript is the superset of javaScript. 

Now, let’s see what are differences between Angular vs AngularJS.

[AngularJS]                                                                                [Angular]

1- Javascript (.js files)                                             1- Typescript(.ts files)

2- MVC based                                                           2- Components based

3- <tr ng-repeat=“student in studentsArray”>  3- <tr *ngFor=”let student in studentArray”>

4-<button ng-click=“vm.toggleImage()”>            4- <button (click) ==“vm.toggleImage()”>

5- ng-show, ng-hide                                                 5- [hidden]

6- ng-if                                                                        6- *ngIf

7-ng-model                                                                7- ngModel

AngularJs -Angular Timeline :

1– October 20, 2010 AngularJS
2– 22 September 2014 Angular 2
3– Angular 3 (skipped)
4– 13 December 2016 Angular 4
5– 1 November 2017 Angular 5
6– 3 May 2018 Angular 6
7– October 2018 Angular 7
8– May 2019 Angular 8
9– October/November 2019 Angular 9

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