1- include – runtime inclusion

<jsp:include page=”PageDIR.jsp” flush=”false”></jsp:include>

2- useBean – finds or instantiates a javaBean

<jsp:useBean id=”d1″ beanName=”s2″ scope=”page” type=”java.util.AbstractList”></jsp:useBean>

3- setProperty – sets the property of javaBean

<jsp:setProperty property=”name1″ name=”deepu” param=”p1″ value=”po1″/>

4- *2 getProperty – inserts property of javaBean into output

<jsp:getProperty property=”name1″ name=”peedu” />

5- forward – forward to new page

<jsp:forward page=”a.jsp”></jsp:forward>

6- param – used with forward to add data

<jsp:param value=”a1″ name=”a1a1″/>

7- *4 params- used witb forward to add multiple param data

<jsp:params  ></jsp:params>

8- Element – define xml elements dynamically

<jsp:element name=”dep” ></jsp:element>

9- Attribute – define xml element’s attribute

<jsp:attribute name=”deep” trim=”true”/>

10- body – define xml element’s body


11- fallback –

<jsp:fallback  ></jsp:fallback>

12- plugin – generates browser-specific code

<jsp:plugin code=”c1″ codebase=”sert” type=”bean” ></jsp:plugin>

13- output – under development to manipulate output files info

<jsp:output doctype-public=”yes” doctype-root-element=”rootel” doctype-system=”mast” omit-xml-declaration=”no” ></jsp:output>